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Dear visitor to the Original Fundraising Widget website, would you like some help in raising donations or in generating funds for your various worthy causes?

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If so, then your in the correct place to avail yourself of our free fundraising software enabling you to place a donation widget (examples) on your website, blog or social account for all to see and respond to. Doing so exposes many visitors to your carefully chosen heartfelt image and a meaningful description of the cause you wish to promote, allowing you to capture both your audience attention and their hearts, as well as issue a plea, in turn maximizing the potential for them to help your campaign in a financially beneficial manner.

Fundraising, crowdfunding and seeking donations is a burgeoning and legitimate method of asking for assistance with your projects in today's world, so do not hesitate to register an account and start using our tools to help you get where it is you wish to be. Whether that's funding a charity, a sick family member or pet, or even repairs to your home or car, chances are there is someone out there only too willing to help you with your cause if you had only taken the time and let them know about it!

We would be very grateful for your help in supporting this free site and you can do so in a variety of different ways such as making a donation or purchasing advertising to display around the site, perhaps on the bottom of the widgets themselves, kindly contact us for more information regarding this opportunity.


Our FundRaising Widgets are 100% Free, we designed them, we host them, we maintain them and we will continue to improve them with our users input.

Using our PayPal fundraising donation widgets will help you boost your online donation potential, they are simple to use and quick to set up, and come in 3 different resizable shapes, a wide variety of color and style options and are for use by individuals, charities, clubs, causes, groups, teams, online gaming websites or just about any other reason where you may need to raise funds or receive donations.

Compatible with popular social media websites the likes of Myspace, Facebook and the increasingly popular Wix, our software widgets track donations made via the popular online payment system PayPal in real-time and offer the following user friendly features:

The Widget Wizard

* Multi-currency based on available currency options within PayPal.
* Upload your own image and link it to the site of your choice if desired.
* Choose from 95 different background graphics and 15 button style packs.
* Manual donation option for you to add any offline donations you may receive.
* Using the latest iteration, no other site offers this version of our donation widget.
* Fully customizable, edit the campaign name, donation goal, image and many other settings.
* Your cause or donation reason need not be non-profit for you to use our widgets, individuals may also use our services.
* Optionally disable the donation button when your donation goal is reached, setting the FundRaising Donation Widget to a closed status.
* Adjustable, our FundRaising Donation Widget comes in 3 shapes vertical and horizontal and a circular version and all are proportionally resizable to fit any space on your site.
* Set your meter to a monthly goal and it resets to zero at the end of the month or set it to be a lifetime goal and it will continue to calculate until your goal is reached and then beyond.
* Unlimited FundRaising Donation Widgets, create as many as you need and use them as long as you need to, add, edit and delete your widgets as often you wish.
* Use the standard full flash code or use the shortened javascript code to display your widget on your site, myspace and forum with compatible flash, html and bbcode available too.
* Hosted donation page displaying your unique fundraising donation widget and its description
that you can link to, for those times when you cannot post code but just display a link, such as Facebook and Twitter status updates.

Your widget and the link to your hosted donation page, where people can find out more about your cause will be displayed on our live donation widget page if your widget is in the top 12 of all currently active hosted widgets, based on a count of unique views and also displayed on our homepage if your in the top 3.

Keep our backlink in the widget code and post the link to your hosted page everywhere your able to get more exposure to your hosted page.

The greater the number of visitors to your hosted page the greater the chance of having your widget featured here on our site and of course, most importantly, the greater the chance you have of raising a larger number of donations and meeting your fundraising goals.

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